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Dario Nardi Curriculum Vitae
last updated July 2004

Personal Information

Human Complex Systems
7285 Bunche Hall, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Work: (310) 825-1750, Fax: (310) 825-0778

US Citizen, native English speaker, working knowledge of Japanese
PDFs: teaching statement, research statement, paper1, paper2, paper3,
Academic Employment
Fellow - Center for Governance, UCLA, 1/03 - present

Assistant Adjunct Professor - Program in Computing, UCLA, 7/98 - 12/02

Participating Faculty - UCLA Honors Collegium, UCLA, 9/99 - Present

Adjunct Faculty - Temperament Research Institute, Huntington Beach CA, 2/94 - Present

Instructor - Design, Technology and Communications: Freshmen Engineering Program, State University of New York at Binghamton, 1/97- 6/98 (As doctoral student.)

Course Assistant - School of Education and Human Development, State University of NY at Binghamton, 1/98-6/98. (As doctoral student.)

Courses Taught
UCLA - Honors Collegium
Artificial Intelligence (Fall 99, Fall 2001, Winter 2004)
Systems Thinking (Fall 2000, Fall 2002)

UCLA - Anthropology
Models and Modeling for Anthropology (Spring 2004)

Temperament Research Institute
Facilitating Cognitive Development / Actualizing Cognitive Potential (Fall 2004)
Workplace Coaching Lab (Spring 2002, assistant instructor)
Workplace Teamwork/Communications Lab (Spring 2001, assistant instructor)

UCLA - Program in Computing
Artificial Intelligence (Spring 99, Winter 2000)
Computers and Computing (Fall 98, Summer 99, Summer 2000, Winter 2001, Fall 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002)
Introduction to Programming (Winter 99, Summer 2002)
Introduction to Programming for the Internet (Summer 2003, Summer 2004)
Programming for Internet and Multimedia (Fall 99, Fall 2000, Winter 2002, Summer 2002)
Software - Information Management* (Winter 99, Spring 99)

SUNY Binghamton (as doctoral student)
Artificial Intelligence (Summer 98)
Computer Applications (Fall 97, Spring 98)
Engineering Design (Spring 97)
Introduction to Computing (Spring 98)
Educational Background
Systems Science, Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton, 1998. Dissertation: "Thinking Systems: A Systems Approach to the Computer as an Extension of the Mind." Committee: Howard Pattee, Ph.D. Eileen Way, Ph.D. George Klir, Ph.D.

East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC), University of Southern California (1992-1994.) Masters Thesis: "Readings in Aerospace Engineering for Advanced Japanese Language Study." Advisor: Hajime Hoji, Ph.D. Ė Linguistics Dept., EALC.

Aerospace Engineering, BS, University of Southern California, 1992.

Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD, Graduated with Honors, 1988.
Outside Affiliations
Adjunct Faculty Member - Temperament Research Institute, 1/94 - Present. Responsibilities include doing workshops, conference sessions, research, and product design with TRI director Linda V. Berens (licensed Educational Psychologist, and Marriage and Family Therapist.)

Appointment - Theory and Research Interest Area consultant, Association of Psychological Type, 1/2002 - 12/2005. Coordinate APTís domestic and international research community. APT and JPT are members of and adhere to American Psychological Association guidelines.

Board of Advisors - Unite Media Group, Huntington Beach, CA (6/2001 - Present)

Board of Advisors - Ternary Software, Downington, Pennsylvania (9/2000 - Present)

UCLA State Finalists Annual Recruitment Faculty Representative (6/2000 - Present)

Member of American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Association of Psychological Type (APT), and American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).
Popular Publications
1.Co-author: Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types in Organizations. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 2002.

2.Author: Multiple Intelligences and Personality Type: Tools and Strategies for Developing Human Potential. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 2001.

3.Co-author: Understanding Yourself and Others: An Introduction to the Personality Type Code. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 2004.

4.Author: Character and Personality Type: Discovering your Uniqueness for Career and Relationships Success. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 2000.

5.Co-author: The 16 Personality Types: Descriptions for Self-Discovery. Huntington Beach, CA: Telos Publications, 1999.

Academic Publications - AI, Mutli-agency and Cognitive Science
1.Communication as Intelligence - Computational Methods for Social Exchange using Natural Language. Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Las Vegas, June 2003.

2.Intelligence as Communication-Roles and Needs of Socially Embedded Agents. Proceedings of the Lake Arrowhead Conference on Computational Social Science and Social Complexity. May 2002.

3.Software Tools for Systems Thinking. Proceedings of IEEE Frontiers in Engineering Education. October 2001.

Academic Publications - Personality, Education and Organizations
1.Development of a Validated Temperament Psychometric. Preconference Symposium Proceedings of the APT 2004 International Conference, July 2004.

2.Journey to Self-Leadership: A Systems View of Personality Development, Research from the College Classroom. Proceedings of the APT 2001 International Conference, June 2001.

3.Multiple Intelligences and Personality: Howard Gardner's Intelligences and Student Temperament in the College Classroom. Proceedings of The Power of Self-Leadership Conference, May, 2001.

4.Roots and Branches: Multiple Models of Personality Type. Australian Psychological Type Review, Vol. 2, No. 3, November 2000.

5.You are Unique - Personality and Character Development. Proceedings of the APT 2001 International Conference, June 1999.

6.'Context Switching' - Meeting the Needs of All Types. Proceedings of Counter Attack: Rising to the Challenges to Education. Gainesville, FL: Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 1998.
Commercial Activity
Founder - SocialBot. Visit www.socialbot.com and watch socialbot in action: video (Windows) or video (Mac). Socialbot is a natural-language socially embedded artificial intelligence systems for toys, virtual game worlds, appliances, and web communities.
Awards and Commendations
1.Japan-American Society Summer Fellowship in Japan (1988)

2.Academic Scholarship for Excellence, a full-tuition undergraduate scholarship conferred by University of Southern California (1988-1992)

3.Certification in use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Association for Psychological Type (1994)

4.Nominated ASEE Apprentice Faculty Grant (1998)

5.Nominated UCLA Innovative Use of Technology in the Classroom Award (2002)
Research Interests
1.Artificial intelligence

2.Undergraduate college educational methods

3.Personality theory

4. Workplace/job performance improvement

5.Computer modeling and simulation of complex social systems (multiagent systems)

6.Group / team dynamics

7.Interactive product design methodology

8.On-line Instruction

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